What the blog is about?

If I’d have to summarize the frequent categories I’ve blogged about over the past ten years on this blog and others, it would be-

  1. Oman, Middle East- Society, Politics, Economics
  2. Indian Current affairs & social causes : crimes against women, feminism.
  3. Reviews- Books, movies, TV ads.
  4. Poetry
  5. Mental Health

Why the stupid title:

“Blade” is a cockney Tamil word for something boring (in this case, boring to read). I had initially planned to blog a lot on economics, hence a portmanteau of both.





19 thoughts on “About

  1. I appreciate your advocacy for those who struggle with mental illness. I wrote the book, “Are You Feeding Me Poison?” (Tate Publishing) to honor my son Marshall, who had bipolar disorder. Marshall served his country with pride until the he was diagnosed with the illness, which forced his discharge from the military. It chronicles the devastation our family faced leading up to, and including, his untimely death at the age of 26. Over 57 million Americans suffer with mental illness, and it should receive as much attention as those who have a visible illness, such as cancer.

  2. Hi Kay!

    Your blog was on a list of mental health blogs (!) so that’s why I’m writing. I have written The Practical Mental Health Guide for the one person in four that has these problems (depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder and ADHD). So that includes your readers. The book is posted at georgedaniels.org and will be published in a few months. I would appreciate you publishing this on your blog to help all the people who enjoy you.



  3. Well, I was trying to find some articles on Indian advertisements, and Google brought me here. 🙂 I read few of your posts; it was a good read, especially one related to advertisements and Chetan Bhagat! Hope to read more insightful post on your blog! Cheers! 🙂

  4. chaaaaanzzzzzzzze illlla,…. ‘mokkai’ ku definition kudutha mudhal aal neenga dhaan…
    but really all ur blades in bladenomics are soooooooo sharp and sensitising..Your english rocks and it seems as if i’m reading an article in ‘The Hindu’ newspaper.
    u could try becoming an author… keep blading ! 🙂

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