Should I be thankful it burned so brightly at first,
Or realize what should last, can’t happen too fast,
Or laugh at symbolic rituals of milk and sugar,
A sweet potion, we’re to dissolve to become.
Harboring a woe in my prayer I wish you knew,
Fear of becoming “water under the bridge” for you,
Wish for a bond that has a face and good name
Helpless glow masks heart’s desire,
Suppressing despair for honor’s sake,
Take a vow upon glowing fire.
But is it fair, to always grope our way in the dark,
To be in wonder about where we are?
It seems though, it’s through this path that honor is gained.
To lay down pride for other’s need and our grace,
But tell me soon what this arrangement is – a journey forever or a short ride?
A cross road, where we’re to join or to pass?


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