Wedged in a state of flux
Flanked by the modern and customary
Traditional enough to be chosen by family
Modern enough to not be forced to marry

Would angels sing for the lovers to dance?
Her anxiety drowns in dowry of shimmery charms
Would souls stir as their eyes catch each other’s glance?
Or Could her gold not afford the royal cheer?

By God’s mercy, they thought she had a lovely face
A flower among flowers, she’s adorned with grace
Did the stars they matched tell about her incurable scars?
Or that she missed her father, her shiniest guiding star?

If only he was here now, she thought so often,
Would she be objectified and interrogated to impress?
But oh it happens everywhere, in our diseased culture
But he’d be there at the fore of all the stress

Down the aisle he’d walk with her, as nervous as she,
But today she’d walk with his related blood, never close to he,
Of his greatness and how much she missed him, would her beau at the altar ever know?
Or would he think only of their beautiful days to follow…


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