Cruel City


By fate I landed here, this city of good and bad,

Painful memories at the drop of my feet, of all the times I’ve had,

So now I shall leave this city for the very last time, abandon this city for life,

With such fury that returns in the damnable sleepless hours of night.


O, City of big temples where God does not peacefully reside,

As always, I leave this city without byes, turning my back to deceitful air,

Breathing famished days, nights of sleepless prayer,

Pent up rage in my desolate soul, my despair remains and the Lord shall not spare.


 O, City of silent crime and injustice,

People, serpents by the day, fiendish demons by the night.

To convey any idea of these monstrosities only victimizes me further,

Silenced truth is not dead but lays awake in the coffin of eternal lies.


O, blessed City of long beaches, trees and sweet water,

Aura of temples cannot surpass the deeds of human horror,

Countless sinners of lust, greed and power.

So much malice that the Lord’s light shines only as scorching fire.


O, cruel city, where warriors are made harder and stronger.

Unperturbed, they stand in infernal fury and demand answers,

Their skin pale and lifeless, in the face of evil,

The battle of the Good is far from over.


O, you criminals of this city, Glaze at your own reflection, does your conscience feel good?

The battle of innocents is savage but undaunted,

Even in death, their bated memory of pain cannot undo any wrong,

Tainted laws may set you free, but await the fatal blow of the Lord.


O, stupid land of a foolish woman, a lady who puts up and

Held in high esteem, the loose morals of her husband,

Is upheld as a woman of chastity, the very great Kannagi,

What more justice can the bold, furious women who were wronged get?


God isn’t blind, but he shall be silent and hear, I stay with him, in faith and prayer.

Shall pray and drink your treason as wine, but shall not eat till my wrath is appeased,

Nourished by pain and humiliation, I shall live long and strong,

But shall not go to heaven till my wrath is appeased.


As I lay faint, God came in my sleep and said, “You must realize in this cruel city,

Evil is not in the horrors of devils, Evil is ignorance of the good and kind caste

See not, the hurdles I placed in your path, but the bridges I built for you over ‘em

Await till I deliver justice, in faith and mental fast, to see that day while you last.”



4 thoughts on “Cruel City

  1. Don’t worry. You are so strong to battle this. (Don’t think its a stupid idea..Listen to Eminem songs when you feel so depressed..You will feel good)

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