Would you help a girl?

Long time no blog! I’ll keep this one short and it’s an open question-

Of late, Tamil Nadu has become a slaughterhouse or has it always been that way? People have always been very sensitive and abusive in their defense. The people who stand up for what is right are few, very few. People would rather spinelessly defend a criminal, even if he is a criminal, than suffer his wrath.

Now to the questions- A news item- a man slaps woman in public, we all have witnessed this happen at least once. What have we done as witnesses?

In this case, a family took their feud to public and the man slapped his wife in public. However, the police taking action against them in public has become a crime according to social media.

The family wants to approach high court against the police?  As a witness to such physical abuse on the streets, what do you do?  Nothing. And when the police takes action, that is a crime? Please, if everything the police does is a crime, then you can never call them when there is actually a problem nor can they actually exercise their power if they are curtailed from doing anything.

The video of them being hit is disturbing but Khaki guys have a right to use their lathi and they did their job. I hope the old man learned his lesson to not hit his wife, in public or at home.

Remember this cute video when little boys were asked to slap a girl and they refused?

I have witnessed this a couple of times. Often, unmarried young couples, I wonder who they are and why women put up with such nonsense.

In light of the recent murder case of Swathy, the young IT professional in Nungambakkam Railway station, people suddenly come out with rumors that they have seen a man slap her two days before she was murdered? What did they do except witness? Even now I hear people discuss why Swathy did not raise an alarm about it with elders? Why, what did people do except witness?

I am sure many of you have witnessed such incidents, what do you do if you were in a  position to do something?

In my case, I go up and ask who they are. Especially if I notice it is a very young girl. In some cases, it may be an older couple. Domestic issue, perhaps. Nonetheless, I make loud remarks and ask them to go away.

Even if it does not achieve anything, it could remind them of me – that they are being looked down upon, that I have witnessed their violence or even that I would call the police.

In the case of young couples, it does work, most often.

And I am LOUD enough to invite public attention. I have been at the receiving end of image slandering and comments, but I believe in questioning wrongs. I believe in standing up for what is right, and I am not afraid to stand up alone. It is a situation where I learn who are brave and who have no spine to stand up for others, even friends.

In any issue, I believe in being open and raising an alarm. Please do folks, it could embarrass and humiliate you, but it will prevent you from ending up with the wrong people.

Trust me when I say this, it is harder for one person. But collectively, we could all question without fear.

I end this post with a short video of a social experiment- would you help a girl?


4 thoughts on “Would you help a girl?

  1. It’s not just one ignorant man or a group of ignorant people who support this kind of behaviour. Every person who does not raise a voice or turns a blind eye supports and enables this kind of atrocity. We can agree even in the midst of this mindless lot, we have educated people who have ethical values and yet when push comes to shove, no of these folks want to stand up for what is right. Even one person can make a difference and kudos to you, you’re one such!

  2. I never grew up in a society where men had a right to abuse (but women do;) ). Gentlemen have to “never hit a lady” but I was raised it was “okay to strike a fool in the face” and still be a lady, as long as one doesn’t “swear or cuss”.

    I think it is worse for women though because often we just are smaller, or in states where it is hard to defend or move away from abuse. Majorly, globally, men have the advantage in defense and ability to just “walk away” from abuse.

  3. I also help men—there are cases where women abuse too;).

    But so many people leave the couples alone (whoever of whatever sex is being abused). Sad.

    1. Women abusing men is bad too. Often it is provoked than as a right to abuse. It is not the abuse that bothers me as much as the mentality that men have a right to abuse that has always irked me since childhood. I willfully refuse to bow down to anyone who thinks they are superior by way of gender or age or money.

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