Dear Friend


We may not be in touch

I see and hear about you

Your smiling face turns up on my newsfeed

But I know you are fighting some battles too.


We have all cried in the office bathroom, right?

But nothing matches like giving you a hug tight,

And letting you know you are special to us all

No matter what, hang in there or give us a call.


We have mastered the art of appearing strong,

Pictures of travel and with friends at the mall.

It isn’t cool to show you are broken,

It’s mandatory to appear stronger.


Pretending is not a sign of courage

Crying we have learned to disparage.

I could be nearer when you think I am afar,

A hug could heal the heart’s scar.


Stop thrashing yourself over the shame,

Ignore the haters like a lizard, we’re scared to chase

We admire you for walking through this tempest…

Proud you said you are wrong, with grace.


Of sleepless nights of infinite woes,

Those who harmed you should never know,

That you didn’t survive the failures and loving in vain,

And let them feed upon your pain.


Revenge is a game of time,

But if happiness is the best kind,

With friends anxiously waiting to see you smile.

Let’s hike, drive or anything to just unwind.


Who could be richer?

Than one whose friends’

Have moments to spare,

To just think about your welfare


We want to lean through the screen to hug,

To be there and say it’s okay

But we’re scared to call you so

All you let us do is to pray.


Much love,




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