The Gift of Closure

Those who leave our lives 
usually leave a bitterness,
For once I have memories 
in photographs that I won’t delete. 
Shared them too soon,
How lovely, friends had said. 
No clue I had to say when they asked later
What happened after? 
Keep them fully aware,
they are only memories, 
and realizing they shouldn’t have 
happened at all.
Perhaps it was like the unexpected drizzle 
when we walked in the park at the Museum theater,
a stranger most welcome in the fiery Chennai summer, 
sweet, brief and suddenly gone. 

PS- Just churning out poetry from my personal Evernote archives to keep the blog active.
Not suffering cranial constipation or writer’s block,
Just working on other writing assignments,
which gives me little time to blog.
So many things I’ve been meaning to write,
Sheena Bora case, Talvar movie,
Delhi child rape case, and all things gory.
 Ok, I’ll stop now. Bye  

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