This world of demons


I woke up one morning,
and was told you’re gone.
Don’t lie to me, I yelled,
silence became my new song.


For no one could say exactly,
what went wrong.
Whatever it was,
you were already gone


At first I thought it was all a dream,
I would never believe
But even if it wasn’t reality,
it still made me grieve.


I had to wait a day to see,
you were my totem.
finally I had to believe
and since then I’ve been broken


At first I cried,
but so much was spoken.
tears dried,
and I was frozen.


Words I heard,
Actions I saw,
Seething with rage,
Grief in abeyance.


Perhaps God found,
no other way to give you peace,
than to make you an angel,
in this world full of demons.


In shock I saw the new world,
you’d left me in behind.
gone too soon,
worrying about your baby of June.


Days, months and a year after,
Time heals nothing and I’m changed forever.
A woman alone, the world does judge,
unfair but true, though no reason to budge


Each night I tell my pillow- I am strong,
because I have made it through
yet another a day,
without you around.


Not much solace,
this faded pillow of mine,
never like a father’s shoulder,
with whom I thought I’d have more time.
At Gandikota, Andhra Pradesh, India.

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