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Travel, among other things like friendship and love, is one of the best things one can do in his/her 20s to “find oneself” and grow as a person. Nepal and the Himalayas in general, are popular choices with almost everyone my age.
On a lighter note,  I am reminded of “Kasi ku pora sanyasi” song or the movie Yeh Jawani hai diwani  when I think of exasperated youth seeking to go to the Himalayas or religious paths to find peace, joy or themselves 😛
I had been meaning to blog about my experiences many times last year but kept putting it off and now the news of the avalanche and earthquake in Nepal, one of the places I touched base last year, has made me really sad.
Like you all know, it is a simple country which does not have much resources and infrastructure, the people there live a beautiful, simple and natural life- which was so inspiring to say the least. But in times like this, it is hard to imagine them survive it, especially given the harsh weather conditions and rough terrain there.
Though everyone I know there or  those who went there as recently as a few days ago are safe, I wish I could be there and really help.  And I am not one of those who have the strength at heart to see disaster pictures.  So, peeps, Facebook shares  and posting pictures of candles are really nice , but it would really help if you sent some donation to people in real need.  And I would really urge all of you to send some kindness along with your prayers.
Here’s a list of links I found-
Nepal Embassy In India  Relief Fund :
Bank Account for earthquake relief contribution

The embassy of Nepal has opened the following bank account for those who wish to contribute in cash for the relief of the victims of the devastating earthquake that hit Nepal on 25 April 2015:

Account Name: Embassy of Nepal (Relief fund)
Account No: 2254002100018449
IFSC Code: PUNB0225400
Punjab National Bank
8th Floor, DCM Building
16, Barakhamba Road
New Delhi- 110001

The amount deposited in this account will be updated in this website on daily basis and the total amount collected will be transferred to the account of Prime Minister’s Natural Disaster Relief Fund in Kathmandu, Nepal.

What I used

Though I would have preferred a charity organization or  local authority, I found it convenient to donate on the PayTM website, for the ease of the transaction (Obviously e-commerce company has a better website)-

( I was told the link above did not work for some, if so, try this- 
I asked some of my friends to do the same and one of them asked if there is any Indian organization to whom donations are tax deductible, donations made to the Environmental Support Group in Bengaluru will come with a receipt which may be produced for your 80G deductions.  They have  campaign – you could donate in kind as well at their collection points. Or send to their bank account details mentioned in the link above. They have options for foreign donors as well. 🙂
For those of you outside of India. 
If any of you know of other links and resources, organizations /events in your City- to collect donations/clothes/food etc  do leave it in the comments section below!!
In MUSCAT – you can reach out to the Nepal Embassy and donate in Kind- tents, blankets, water, medicines, and light food packets. There are over 15,000Nepalis in Oman and all this would go to their family and friends back home.
Embassy of Nepal
Shatti Al-Qurum
Villa 2563, Way 2834
Muscat, Sultanate of Oman
Tel: +96824696177
Fax: +96824696772
Similarly, Facebook has launched a donation campaign, to make it more convenient to donate right on your timeline!
Disclaimer- I cannot personally vouch for any of the links above except for PayTm on which I made my donation, but they are avenues to get your pennies to make a difference. 

5 thoughts on “Help Nepal Now!

      1. Sure. One word of caution. I don’t trust Facebook about their privacy laws. So I chose not to pay through them. But that’s just me. Eventually we should support organizations which have enough resources to help those who need it.

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