Some days when I think of you.

I am smiling now, but tears have already formed.
It was good to speak out, I think
Yet tears are rolling down my cheeks
And I am trembling as I speak.

I walk down the road alone,
It’s not my way home
It’s not my exile
It’s not my way out.

I keep walking
So no one can see me breaking down.

It wasn’t that hard a day
But a passing moment of realizing
that you aren’t here,
makes my heart swell
with tears and fear.

Wonder why you were taken so soon
You were my guiding star,
my Sun and moon.

When people say, Grief is easier
I wish it isn’t true.
It scares me to think
I’d forget how your voice sounds
Or how your laughter would ring.

I walk  down the road,
Hop in and out of stores,
Tears roll down my cheeks
Till I get home and finish my chores.

Finally I wipe them away
Look up and smile,
Don’t you worry, I am actually fine.
These are petty issues, your little girl can face

I just wish you are still here,
To celebrate my joys,
And help me calm my fear.





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