13 things I wish I knew at 13

A wonderful little girl turns 13 today.  As I write this I find myself shocked that time has passed so quickly. That enough time has passed for this beautiful little girl to turn into a beautiful teenager.
One of the Pinterest ideas that worked and won me the temporarily title of “best sister ever” for a duration for about 10 minutes.
I know, the written word is cheesy. Though it feels lame now,  there will always be a day, when you might read it again and it speaks to you. Small keepsakes like these, will remind us that we are loved and that things are going to be great!
On her 13th birthday, I would like my dear friends, who have grown older and hopefully wiser, with me, to share 13 things they wish they knew at 13.
Here’s some of the lists – by me and my friends who have been kind to send them in 🙂
By Javed , London:
  1. you are unique, don’t compare urself with others.
  2. don’t waste time doing things which u don’t like
  3. love your parents n siblings ( doesn’t matter even if they fight with you everyday)
  4. sleep at least 8hrs till when you are a teenager.you’l not get time later.
  5. school is the best place you can ever imagine. Do bunk it sometimes:). Be a child and create memories in school. That’s not a place to be serious.
  6. never leave school friends
  7. listen to elders, they are generally right.
  8. never think you are nothing to this world. You are indeed important!
  9. try to be the best in whatever good u want to do. Be it school or sports or  job
  10. don’t leave a chance to do new things. Experience is what u need when you grow up…
  11. remember life is short! Enjoy outdoors.Don’t let digital technology to keep u away from nature.
  12. problems are always there in life – face it! Solve it! Never give up.
  13. you can never make everyone happy! Still try to do it!
I wish I knew
  1. I would find people who would understand me
  2. That I would realize that I would always surprise myself
  3. That I should be proud at every small achievement, however small
  4. That it is important to seek out beauty and joy
  5. That it’s good to have a fully lazy day
  6. To not pre-worry
  7. to give my best and know that is all can do at times
  8. to try harder to keep friendships alive even if long distane
  9. To find a sanctuary for your mind and soul wherever it may be
  10.  to listen without speaking because sometimes we are too quick to relate to our experiences
  11. to not assume we are the only ones struggling, everyone has their own demons
  12. to often count our blessings
  13.  to tell the people we love that we do – through words and actions.
  1. Never miss out on what you feel good about, from deep within. If you like a piano, try your hand at it!
  2. Read as much as you can, because, after 16, you won’t find the time you do today.
  3. Don’t buy books. Borrowed books are best read because, you have a deadline by which you must return them.
  4. A morning walk in complete serenity, is probably the best thing that can happen in your life, after chocolates.
  5. The best gift you can give someone is the time you spend with them. Your smile is what can make their day. Listen to what they have to say, it teaches you a lot.
  6. Record your voice when you sing with your earphones on. Save it for later. It could be the most hilarious thing you’ve ever done. 😉
  7. Hobbies are not based on trends. If you have a liking to a bass-guitar today, stick to it. You might be in demand when everyone has stopped playing it!!
  8. If you come to Chennai, and visit the beach, go in the morning. Watch the sun rise, the water lay criss-cross lines on the beach sand. Sit by it, and watch the sun glisten on the water. Close your eyes, and hear the sound of the waves pass you from right to the left. You will know it is one of those very magical moments you can’t express in words.
  9. Frozen chocolate is best melted in the mouth, not the hands!!
  10. Nothing is worth fretting over. There is always a solution. You just got to think.
  11. Never lose your individuality for anything silly. Be yourself, because, only dead fish go with the stream.
  12. Listen to your favorite song before you sleep and after you wake. You will have a superb day!
  13. We only realize the value of anything when it’s gone. Enjoy every single moment. You will realize later that you’ve had a sparkling life!

By Arun, Dubai 

1. Boy! I know you will be shocked, but it finally turned out that video games are just video games and life is the real one.

2. Fight scenes in tamil movies are sooo dumb. Why you have developed so much interest in munda banian arjun fights only I donno. Grow up man! watch “Super Human Samurai”.

3. Viji miss is not the most beautiful lady in this world. And no, you can’t marry her.

4. Start reading books. Otherwise later in your life all your friends / colleagues will put too much scene about books and you ll be like. “Last English movie which I saw is Sholey”

5. Don’t change your interests like watsapp dps. Stick onto one and give your best. (like LinkedIn dp. No one really changes it)

6. Bro! you got lot of time! Stop throwing stones at dogs and start doing something useful for your life like.. collecting batman stickers

7. Comics are awesome. You are also supposed to read the text which comes in boxes it seems.

8. All girls in your class will add you later to their Facebook irrespective of pencil rubber related fights. So don’t worry 😉

9. Studies are overrated. It’s ok to fail in social science and change the world! (by marking maps wrongly).

10. Your teachers don’t hate you personally. They all work for your good. Hema miss is pure evil.

11. Watching cartoons all the time is so dumb. They are just fictitious characters. You have to be more matured like me now to realise that… only Batman can save the Gotham!

12. Stop mixing Complan/ Horlics power with ghee and eating for time pass. You are not going to get ready made shirts in future

13. You are the dumbest guy in the class. But don’t worry, with age you ll grow to be the dumbest anywhere.


By Deepika, Chennai

  1. I wish I knew how to treat everyone well.
  2. I wish all my friends were with me.
  3. I wish people never changed and the never criticized.
  4. I wish I took things lightly and never cares about the way people see me.
  5. I wish I knew to manage time well.
  6. I wish I knew to eat and play right.
  7. I wish I learned a lot of instruments and be a maestro at one.
  8. I wish I had a lot of toys and I can share them with people who don’t have anything.
  9. I wish to share my food with everyone.
  10. I wish to help the needy in someway possible.
  11. I wish to treat the homeless with kind words.
  12. I wish to be strong in all my times.
  13. I wish god always blesses us with what is best for us.
By Tarak, Chittoor:
  1. Firstly love your family. By the time  you realize it, it may be too late or too awkward.
  2. Somethings you cannot achieve no matter how hard you try. Try anyway.
  3. You cant please everyone, when u grow up.
  4. Better grades is not equal to Better life.
  5. Wish I had taken sports instead of computer classes in the evening.
  6. Money cannot buy everything
  7. Don’t blindly trust everyone.
  8. Not everyone who speaks sweetly is a friend.
  9. Spend your time and money wisely
  10. Book worms aren’t always great students, Wish my teachers knew this and brainwash wrongly.
  11. You don’t need to be a IT Guy/Girl to go to america.
  12. Some relationships are meant to be respected and protected.
  13. Finally and most importantly, prefer people over Things.
By Piyush, Muscat:
  1. Lesser school time and make life easier for kids
  2. Wish didn’t lose my first pet.
  3. Wish could have married the girl I had crush on then.
  4. Wish could make most of my summer vacations
  5. Wish could have joined army school.
  6. Wish could made water coolers available all time in summer vacations without having electricity bill tensions.
  7. Wish could have read all day comic books.
  8. Wish could stop the sunset when few overs are left to finish the cricket match.
  9. Wish could have celebrated Diwali with more fancy crackers.
  10. Wish could stop myself appearing from exams as I could never finish my syllabus.
  11. Wish could erase the parents and teachers day meeting from all calendars in this world.
  12. Wish I wouldn’t have had better strategies to face my father after receiving my ugly report cards!
  13. Should have expressed my crushes 😛
By Guru, Mumbai
  1. Shawshank redemption
  2. In search of lost time
  3. Free will
  4. Bertrand Russell
  5. Roger Ebert
  6. Trust your teacher
  7. Never hate your enemies
  8. Love is a passion far beyond our merits
  9. To ride a cycle
  10. Blogs
  11. If any man be unhappy, let him know that it is by reason of himself alone.
  12. Existentialism
  13. Akira kurasawa
By myself,
Let’s start with the most important thing first: I adore you. And will be proud of you always.
  1. Your school marks and grades are more important than you think. For many people, their 10th grade 1st rank is a great story to inspire their grandchildren.
  2. Don’t miss the chance to participate in everything. It is worth fighting for. But not brooding over.
  3. Use your own judgment and choice to eat , drink, do anything your choice. It should neither be influenced by friends or restricted by family.
  4. When you’re in a brilliant school, the coolest kids are the smartest and they always will be. Don’t have hopes that the bullies will end up as security men or fat aunties.
  5. Let people know you love them. In WORDS. If you thought of someone now, tell now.
  6. Don’t cry over anyone. People can be mean. Remember, we love you and always will.
  7. You don’t need to impress anyone. If they don’t like you the way you are, they wont stay around for long.
  8. Being the shortest /tallest in the class, doesn’t make you a dwarf/ giant. Both have its own advantages and disadvantages.
  9. there’s plenty of fish in the sea is an understatement. But you’ll see it almost instantly , only if you stop holding on to the rotten fish.
  10. Hug your friends. As u’re older, all you can do is “poke” them on FB.
  11. You’re beautiful. You are still growing so, don’t judge yourself yet. Braces and hostel food does wonders to your appearance.
  12. 99% of the time you’re safe. But 100% of the time you’re being watched. Be safe.
  13. ISG’s motto- “Strive for the best.” In everything. That’s enough.

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