Here’s to the misfits

This is an introductory poem to my series of sketches on theme of “Understanding mental illness through Art”. Will be up on my photoblog in a few days
Here s to the misfits.
To the rebels.
To the ones that don’t have it together.
To the ones that lost support

From friends and family
and a
ll those who thought you were crazy.

To those who were alone
To those who got some care
but still didnt have it together
too lost in their own minds
Those scared of themselves
So much pain one minute
so much maddness another.

Scared you might ruin your dignity,
You probably already have?
scared you might ruin your career
And who ll pay for the meds?
Do they even work?

To those who know what this feels like,
Trying to run, and keep up with life
Only to see it go farther and farther away
To those trying not to drown 
To those trying to hang in there,
To those scared you might kill someone
Someone already killed you on the inside?
Scared of yourself,
And what you re turning into….

Here s to all of you.

Therapy can help, if you’re lucky
But its not over just then
Its not over when things seem to get better
Or when the meds can be weaned 
Its not over. 
Not until you find someone
Someone who finds you wonderful
Someone who loves you the most
someone you know very well.
someone you knew much before it all started falling apart
someone who can love so deeply
that it can shatter them completely to what you are now
Someone who’s with you now
The someone is you.
Find you. 

3 thoughts on “Here’s to the misfits

  1. Hi Karthika,

    This is my first comment on your blog. Read through quite a few posts and felt this was the most apt post for me to write a comment. For someone like me who lost over three years of his life – kept in isolation and seclusion, I can understand the pain and anguish.

    Medical science has progressed to great heights, yet in India seeking treatment for mental illness is considered a social stigma. We need more awreness and care to spread the word that mental illness can be cured.

    Thank you and keep blogging.


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