Say Cheers to Mess!

There exists some relationship between environmental chaos and creativity/productivity which scientists may not have conclusive evidence to agree upon but I strongly suspect it. There should be some research on this. Many who appear sloppier on the organized living front tend to have more clear mind spaces than people like me, whose narrow minded head is buzzing with “Sheesh I can never get started till I clear up this mess”.

Think about a double disorder of laziness and clean fanaticism. That equals, simply never getting started. I can’t do anything if my room isn’t clean and that includes getting started to clean it.

I try to think “Messy spaces may actually spawn geniuses”. Geniuses of all times have preferred disorganized personal spaces cluttered with materials that help them to think : Einstein, Roald Dahl, Churchill, several scientists, engineers, artists and maybe, even you?

However, for me that doesn’t work. I have to wait for the day I finally get the bug to clean up to start living a productive mundane life. Some unplanned day and my organization is disrupted and I’ll hang in that abyss of lethargy and mayhem till the next go-clean bug bites.

Despite pestering the messy geniuses I know to clear up I’m always in awe of their minds that are unaffected by the vicinity and can function in rooms that can only be described as war zones. Yet, there’s a huge difference between untidiness and the state that needs calling pest control and disinfection service. Organized chaos is inspiring for some. My little sister will not allow her old study table (wait, that hardly happens, let’s just call it table) to be replaced because it’s got her prized stickers stuck all over it. Her room is cluttered with toys and other things I have no idea about but she can sharply remember where she kept her things or where she last saw it. Whereas I’d rather try to look for things at places where they should have been than remember where I last saw it.

Perhaps people obsessed with orderliness are rigid, focussing their attention on controlling their environments and outwardly appearances and don’t unlock their right side brain genius.

So what are you like :-
1) Mess is a mess. No genius. Clear desk = Clear mind !!
2) What Bull! Clear desk = Empty desk. Empty desk = Empty mind. Busy desk= Busy mind!!


5 thoughts on “Say Cheers to Mess!

    1. Haha….Yes..thats the one line of disclaimer that makes it the midway “1.5 ” isn’t it?
      I need that line to tell to my mom and others who pick on my tidy-claim.

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