Angaadi Theru

Ranganathan Street is Chennai’s Diagon Alley. It’s packed with a variety of shops, street vendors and most importantly people. Over 8 Lakh people throng into the street in a day, it is even said that the Australian population is less than the average number of people in Ranganathan Street in a month! You needn’t walk through the street, just stand at one end and the crowd will hustle you to the other end.

angaadi theru crowded

If you want to punish someone without being cruel, make him count the number of people on Ranganathan Street from 10 am to 10 pm every day. Chances are that he will be serving his sentence forever as this is Chennai’s, perhaps one of the country’s most crowded street.

While it’s incredible for us to believe that the street could ever be empty, my good ol’ pal Adithya Iyyappan captured the soul of the street at 4. 30 A.M showing us that the street could even have one such face.

angaadi theru empty

Hugely edited and Published in myGOAL


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