A crackberry evolution

“Some years ago, during any social gathering, I was hardly more than a congenial mute. I spoke only if I was in familiar crowd. Sometime later when I joined the “mobile phone owning” bandwagon of my class, I was expressing an opinion even when I hardly had one. Someone had texted and it would be rude not to reply. For something I would have just smiled and nodded in person, it now required me to be verbose about my feelings and worse, my expressions! (I am now smiling). We were forever in classes and I wondered how some people knew much more of each other than time permitted us. Then I realized they were online updating everyone about their lives and that’s how I got to know. And soon I was there too, confirming to peer pressure and in an effort to be a part of my society actively. Day by day, I had more things to say. It had been a strange transformation.

Now at social gatherings, we sat busily texting and updating our lives online. When we weren’t in our virtual world, we were offended at how someone was hooked to their devices than speaking to us. And at parties, receiving most number of calls and messages was the coolest thing (though rude as well, which we minded less, you see, there is a certain correlation between conceit in society and number of calls/messages received).

In an alien new vicinity where I would have ideally looked around, maybe smiled or even said “Hello”, now I pretend to be busy on my phone and avoid that awkward social situation. When my battery died, I panicked and when my internet connection failed or my laptop didn’t work, it was almost like I had lost an arm!

Earlier the melancholy of music filled our house and now each of us listened to only what we wanted with our headsets almost twin pair to our ears and we were intolerant to what others wanted to listen.

Exams came and we were more drawn to these addictive networks and a compulsion to express.

It was almost an addiction, not intoxicating yet threatening to be harmful”


I know you don’t like to be told, even if it is for your own good, that you’re addicted. There are called “crackberries” for a reason. Being addicted to blackberries, internet and hand held devices like junkies are to drugs are like any other compulsion, and it is hard to wean yourself.

Being overly wired and focused on gadgets and virtual networks not only breeds a generation of virtually extraverted sociability but a hampered ability to have face-to-face conversations. Be wary of how these gadgets and networks hook you into their world and like I always say: “Always be careful for you never know what’s on the other side of the keyboard!”


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PS- Please comment anything except “Look who’s talking!”


8 thoughts on “A crackberry evolution

  1. I cant agree more about what you said. Guess what. I am accessing this website through my mobile sitting in a running train :-D. A crackberry as you might say 😀

  2. I like the first dialogue part.. The transformation certainly sounds like mine…and ‘look who s talking’ won t apply for you, Don t worry, you were never a congenial ‘mute’ 🙂 🙂

  3. oh..sorry.. I didnt interpret it as taste at al.. I merely thought “melancholy of music” to mean “the sadness of music” ;)..ofcourse it was a digression.. the comment was not about the overall context at all (which I agree with) but merely on the particular phrase which I found to be interesting…
    great article by the way..”It was almost an addiction, not intoxicating yet threatening to be harmful” – cool line.

  4. How typical of you Peterswami, to look at the local meaning of the word instead of understanding. The point is not about what kind of music is played in the house, it is that people are no longer tolerant. And why? Would it make sense if the euphoric music filled the house? I don’t like joyous music so I am intolerant to it, there again the point is intolerance and not the taste in music.

  5. “Earlier the melancholy of music filled our house” – curious choice of words..melancholy?.. then it makes sense that that system was replaced by more personalized hearing ..

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