Voice of The Eternal Companion

The first waves splash
Gently against the rocks
As the day goes
Harder on the rocks
Engulfing and enveloping in his strong waves …..
At noon the sun burns the rocks
But the water will cool
And the rocks will await for those warm waves
Come evening the waves will subside
The excitement of the day is no more
For the sea now romances the moon
At this moment the rocks will sadly await …
For the morning
For the sea…
But yet again, next evening
The rocks will be alone
Waiting for the morning
Waiting for the sea..
But how long to wait??
The sea will never stay
With the rocks forever
So why wait??
Just like they always say
Today’s sorrow is tomorrow happiness…
Someday, the hard waves,
Powerful tides would have
Beaten the rocks to granules
Grains of fresh sand
Forming a beautiful beach
An abode for all love
All affection and all fun..
And then will realize the sea
His waves and tides
That without the rocks
He would ne’er be
The blissful, gentle, beautiful beach
That they form together , now….

© G N Karthika 2006


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